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So, the chalice lighting and extinguishing are a relatively "new" thing in UU worship. The first time (in the more recent era) that a chalice was "lit" at GA was when Douglas Morgan-Strong made a stained glass form of chalice out of lighting gels to hang as a backdrop. At least, that's what I was told. That was in either 1984 or 1985. So, relatively new in the history of our faith. I suspect you're right, Kimberley, that people didn't drop anything to add that piece in. Just wanted to give a little historical tidbit to the conversation.

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Thanks for this...So many starts and endings - I know I've done it and am going to revisit when the chalice lighting and extinguishing take place. We do have a wonderful pianist who does the postlude and no one gets up. this is the first church I've served that has that kind of closing music. It's not something I'll seek to change, but can look at the other pieces. I appreciate you!

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